Multiple Options.  One Mission.

Thank you for your interest in joining JAMSQUAD Cycling! We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Bel Air, MD. In addition to our charity activities, we also have a cycling team at both a club and elite level. There are many ways you can participate in our organization.

Two teams are better than one! Which one suits you? Neither team has any membership fee or dues - but members of either team will be involved in sourcing, restoring and donating bikes to kids who need them.   

Membership Requirements (All Membership Types):

  1. Volunteer for at least two charity events per year.  These can be bike workshop days, advocacy events, race organization, and so on. 
  2. Represent our organization and our sponsors with integrity and class at all times.
  3. Display good sportsmanship and proper cycling conduct at all times.

Anyone who does not adhere to our membership requirements or exhibits conduct detrimental to our organization will be subject to removal from the club based on a decision by the club officers. We take our reputation very seriously and want to make sure that only individuals with high integrity and strong values are a part of our organization.

The Elite Team

In order to be a part of our elite team, you must race your bicycle and race it well! We are looking for experienced road/cross/mountain racers that compete at a high level (Cat 1,2,3). You will receive an excellent perks from Bike Doctor Bel Air, Trek Bikes, Bontrager and a lot of our other sponsors. To be a member of our elite team, there are additional membership requirements:

  1. You must be a category 1, 2, or 3 racer in cyclocross or road; or a category 1 racer in mountain bike.
  2. Membership to the elite team is approved by our officers after your race resume is reviewed.
  3. You must enter JAMSQUAD Cycling as your team on USA Cycling and Bike Reg.   
  4. You must wear your JAMSQUAD kit at all race events.
  5. You must enter at least 5 races in a calendar year.
  6. Good sportsmanship is required at all times.
  7. You must volunteer twice OR race on the club level for 1 year before gaining access to discounts.

The Club Team

In order to be a part of our club team, you must enjoy riding your bicycle! The club team consists of riders who race at a lower level of competition but are working hard to move up. The club team also consists of those who do not race their bicycle but enjoy the simple pleasure of riding. You are welcome to be a member of another team/club, but we ask that you volunteer some time to JAMSQUAD. You will receive a smaller discount at Bike Doctor. 

The Volunteer Crew

If you don’t want to race or ride but still want to help out we’ve got lots of ways you can volunteer. Just let us know what you are interested in and we will add you to our volunteer list!   Please pass this along to your friends and like us on Facebook!

By participating in one of the JAMSQUAD teams above, you get the wonderful opportunity of being a part of a small but growing non-profit organization. We ask that you volunteer your time and energy at one or many of the events that JAMSQUAD will be participating in. As stated above, we will also be rehabbing bicycles to distribute to youth and adults who are not able to afford such luxuries.   We are confident that the reward of seeing a child in need get their first bicycle will be even more memorable that your best-place finish in last season’s race circuit.

Please respond if you'd like to be a part of JAMSQUAD Cycling and how.  If you would like to be on the elite team, please include your race resume. If you would like to be a part of the club team or non-profit side, simply let us know and we will be in contact about the next steps.  We will be ordering kits as soon as possible but need to meet minimum order requirements.  We are very excited to get this going and look forward to having you join us!