Hi. We are the JAMSQUAD board, our job is to keep everything running smoothly and keep families riding!

Emily Ades

Newsletter Liaison 



Brian Curlee

Assistant Program Director, Repair Workshops 



Mike Davis

Assistant Program Director, Intake & Transportation



Nick Johnson

Membership Coordinator



Auggie Plitt

Program Director, Cycling Team / Co-Founder



Brent Weigelt

Vice-President / Program Director, One Kid One Bike



Andrea Winfrey

Board Secretary











Matt Buckleman

Finance Director / Co-Founder



Lindsay Curlee

Social Media Liaison 



Ron Herman

Grant Chair



Jay Neighbours

Marketing Director / Co-Founder



Stefanie Plitt

President / Executive Director



Jill Weigelt

Education Outreach Liaison



Open Position

Assistant Program Director, Distribution & Outreach